We're hiring!
20+ jobs at Temiscaming

Tembec is hiring at our pulp, paper and specialty cellulose facility.



Professional and management jobs at Kapuskasing.

We’re looking for great people to fill attractive career positions now.

World-class people

Forest products is a global business so we need people with world-class skills, and the drive to compete on the world stage. 

Tembec is second in the world in specialty cellulose production

We’re strengthening that business with one of the largest investments Canada’s forest products industry has seen in years.

Settings and lifestyles

Learn about Tembec’s main manufacturing sites, their neighboring towns and the surrounding regions.


Tembec is looking for people with higher and hire expectations

We need to fill professional, technical and manufacturing positions in all our businesses – lumber, pulp, paper and specialty cellulose.

20+ jobs at Temiscaming

Jobs at Temiscaming

Our pulp, paper and specialty cellulose facility is hiring now!


Professional and management jobs at Kapuskasing

We’re looking for great people to fill attractive career positions.

Internships for university students

Internships for university students

Complement your university studies with practical, paid work experience in our manufacturing operations.


Make your mark

Tembec is lean so new hires will have the freedom to make a real impact early on, and your contributions will truly stand out.


Find work/life balance

The great majority of Tembec jobs are based in exceptionally scenic parts of Ontario and Québec, where the lifestyle suits people with a taste for the great outdoors.


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Search for jobs by location, or by the type of position, or by the experience you offer.