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Working at Tembec

Find work/life balance

The great majority of Tembec jobs are based in exceptionally scenic parts of Canada, where the lifestyle suits people with a taste for the great outdoors.

Work and live where others go for vacations

The essential precondition for being happy in the great majority of Tembec jobs is simple: you have to like small town life, or living in a rural setting. If you enjoy an active outdoor lifestyle – hiking, boating, fishing, skiing, camping, you name it – chances are you’ll love the work/life balance.

Tembec’s manufacturing and forestry operations are located in and around small towns in scenic parts of Ontario and Québec – regions where others go for vacations to get away from it all.

For example, our flagship manufacturing facility is in Temiscaming, Québec, a town with a population of 1,500. It is on the doorstep of cottage country. Temiscaming is also a convenient drive from the shopping and services of larger towns including Ville-Marie, Québec, and North Bay, Ontario.

Manufacturing sites and offices

We have manufacturing facilities operating across Ontario and Québec, some of which make products for multiple business lines. And, yes, some Tembec people are city people: Our head office is in Montréal and we have a corporate office in Toronto for management, sales teams and support staff.

Tembec at Temiscaming

Tour our largest operation, where we manufacture specialty cellulose, Kallima coated cover, high-yield pulp and chemical products.