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Working at Tembec

Kapuskasing transformation

Our objective is to transform our newsprint mill – the centerpiece of the integrated Kapuskasing site – and make it a North American leader.

Newsprint mill transformation has four high-level priorities

  • Improve safety performance: Drive to Tembec’s new safety objective – zero injuries.
  • Strengthen leadership: Develop and retain decisive, productive managers and supervisors:
    • Accelerate recruiting to fill empty positions.
    • Create and implement leadership and skills development programs.
  • Increase efficiency: Move forward process by process, department by department, function by function.
  • Improve competitiveness: Make mill a North American leader for costs, efficiency, productivity and products:
    • Maintain the current first-quartile ranking for newsprint mill costs – we are in the top five in North America.
    • Transform the way we work to become a first-quartile performer in other key areas:
      • Reduce maintenance and services costs
      • Improve operating efficiency
      • Increase productivity
      • Improve product quality

We’re taking action to rebuild the Kapuskasing site’s HR team

To support the newsprint mill transformation, and provide responsive everyday human resources services to the integrated Kapuskasing site (newsprint mill, sawmill, woodlands operation), we have a two-part plan: 

  1. Hiring a four-member contract HR operations team for 18 months (starting July 2017) to run the department in an efficient and effective manner, working alongside current HR employees. This team will also upgrade the site’s HR processes, tools and systems. 
  2. Recruiting for a new permanent HR team starts in mid 2018, with the goal of handing over a highly-efficient HR function in early 2019.